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Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk in Mexico City

Mexico City in May is beautiful. It is even better when you have an opportunity to help the manufacturing community of Mexico compete which is exactly what Daniel Carranco, Senior Consultant and Team lead, Global Shop Solutions did at Fabtech Mexico by presenting and leading one of the Educational Sessions for attendees.

Daniel has been responsible for Latin American operations at Global Shop Solutions for nearly 10 years and knows the local market better than most as he has been responsible for ERP selection, implementation, and consulting at some of Mexico’s largest discrete manufacturers. For this reason attendance at his education session was high as many attendees wanted to hear, first hand, what is next in manufacturing software and technology.

The conversation focused on the generalities of ERP and the initial goals for your implementation regardless of the software system you select:

  1. Accurate inventory
  2. Accurate costing
  3. Accurate financial statement with operations data
  4. Access operations data in real time from any device
  5. Simplify your manufacturing™

The discussion closed with hyperlocal benefits of interest to the labor intensive market in Mexico such as shop floor data collection and using scanners to collect employee time and real-time costing.

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