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Superior Control and Incredible Accuracy in Manufacturing Accounting

A manufacturer’s accounting software is the central hub for managing your business. Your financial reports provide the condensed view of the overall health of your company. Management scrutinizes the numbers, trying to interpret, not just where the business stands at the moment, but what can be expected in the months ahead.

At Global Shop Solutions, we understand how critical those accounting reports are to your business. We know that the value of those reports lies in their accuracy and the timeliness of the data they present. If you can’t trust the information or you have a difficult time finding the information you need, those reports can lose their value and jeopardize the financial security of your entire organization. The Global Shop Solutions Accounting software for manufacturers protects the integrity of your information and makes it easy to find just the information you need at the moment you need it.

Key Benefits of Global Shop Solutions Accounting Software

Those who have dealt with the limitations that are sometimes found in accounting software get very excited about the capabilities available to them through Global Shop Solutions.

  1. Audit Trail Integrity. Ever have the figures on reports change and not know why? With Global Shop Solutions, this will never happen. Every change of a transaction is recorded in the data tables. There is no override. What was done, by which user, and the date and time of the entries are all recorded for multiple entries throughout the system.
  2. Versatile Data Processing. Instantaneous posting is great, assuming all the information is accurate. But what if it is not? Batch processing provides an extra level of control to your data processing. You can have batches process immediately or only after review and approval. Batch can be processed at whatever frequency you prefer, once a day or several times a day. Again, this feature provides further confidence in the accuracy and integrity of your final reports.
  3. Multi-Period Reporting. We don’t believe in limiting your access to information, even if it is several years old. Unlike some accounting software, our system allows you to maintain access to all the detailed records of each period, for as far back as you like. You can view side-by-side comparisons of the last 24 months or the last five years, as easily as you can view the information for the current period.
  4. Customizable Reports. Multi-period comparisons are just one of many custom reporting options available through our software. You can create fully custom reports around summarized or detailed data. Recreate what was once a complex spreadsheet into a custom report within your ERP software.
  5. FLOOOM Inventory Cost Separation. Freight – Labor – Overhead – Outside – Other– Material = FLOOOM. This is the name given to one the most exciting advances for our software in recent years. “It is almost impossible to find another ERP accounting software for manufacturers that has the cost separation capability that is available through Global Shop Solutions,” according to Tim Filips, CPA and Senior ERP Software Consultant at Global Shop Solutions.
  6. Report Drilldown Capability. When you pull up many of our reports on your computer monitor to view before you print them, you are no longer looking at static numbers. You can click in a line on that report and drilldown to see the details that make up the number. How much of it is labor versus materials? What were the costs of freight or overhead? How much of the costs came from outside vendors? You can find the answers to all of these questions without ever leaving your initial screen. When you’re ready to print the report, just navigate back to the main report and hit “print”.
  7. Transactional Inventory Integration. One of the reasons that such detailed drilldowns are available is the full integration of inventory and accounting. Every transaction recorded through your inventory management is immediately available to accounting as it is recorded. You can schedule batch processing of inventory transactions as often as it makes sense for your process.
  8. Instant Access to Labor Details. When your employees clock in for a shift or onto a piece of equipment, their presence on the job is already flowing as data to your payroll and job costing system. You don’t have to wait until the end of the week or even tomorrow to see what is happening out on the floor.
  9. Superior Payroll Integration. Instant labor time and cost reporting is just one aspect of the superior payroll capabilities provided through our ERP software. Human resources and schedulers have a wealth of information available on your workforce to simplify their roles in the organization. Attendance, training documentation, 401K matching and accrual of benefits can all be managed through the payroll system. Privacy protocols keep personnel information secure, while accessible to those who need it. The payroll program offers simple direct deposit, easy tax reporting and interfaces with ADP®, ABRA, Paychex® and other systems you may already be using.
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