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Super Radiator Coils Doubles Sales with Global Shop Solutions ERP

Super Radiator Coils (SRC) is a manufacturing company that designs and builds heat transfer coils for a variety of industries. Founded in 1928, the company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with additional facilities in Richmond, Virginia, and Phoenix, Arizona.  Heat transfer coils can be tricky to perfect, but Super Radiator Coils has the process down to a tee. And they needed an ERP system that knew their stuff – their choice would prove to be the right one; Global Shop Solutions’ ERP software revolutionized the way SRC conducted their manufacturing.


“Global Shop Solutions is a great system that can grow with you as your company grows. In fact, there’s no way we could handle our current level of business without it.”

 – Lamar Ballinger, Manager of Corporate Systems, Super Radiator Coils

Accuracy Matters

Like Global Shop Solutions, Super Radiator Coils can tailor its products to customer specifications. This specificity calls for closely monitored scheduling, as well as accurate inventory counts. SRC’s old software often caused problems with inaccurate scheduling and costing, which was a huge problem for a company focused on customization.  Every job on the shop floor was cluttered with excessive paperwork based on data that was often inaccurate. After implementing Global Shop Solutions ERP software, the company made great strides with improving their accuracy.

“In the past, we didn’t have the visibility of data to get things organized,” says Marty Kampfer, a design and engineering manager at SRC.  “With Global Shop Solutions to organize all our jobs in advance, we now have everyone working on what they’re supposed to, when they’re supposed to.”

Sales Double at Super Radiator Coils

Since implementing Global Shop Solutions ERP software, sales have more than doubled at SRC. Although many factors contributed to that growth, Kampfer believes SRC could not have handled their quickly-growing company without the help of Global Shop Solutions.

“Global Shop Solutions helps us on the service side,” said Kampfer. “Managing our costs, along with our fast lead times, puts ahead of the pack in our industry. We couldn’t do those things without Global Shop Solutions.”

To read more about Super Radiator Coils’ success, download their case study today.

Photo courtesy of Super Radiator Coils

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