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Sunshine Spaces, Global Shop Solutions Team Up to Create Dream Room for Child with Muscular Dystrophy

Sunshine Spaces, a nonprofit organization that creates dream rooms for children with life-threatening illnesses, and Global Shop Solutions, a leading producer of manufacturing ERP software, have joined forces to bring joy to the life of a young Woodlands boy battling Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

The joint project, which will kick off on April 26h, marks the third year in a row the two organizations have teamed up for a dream room project. It starts by sending the child’s family away for a weekend. While they’re gone, an army of volunteers transforms the child’s room and those of his siblings into dream spaces where they can rest, heal and be kids again. When the family returns, a procession of supporters welcomes them home to reveal their new spaces. 

“Our mission is to infuse joy and hope into the lives of families with children who suffer from debilitating diseases. The smiles on the faces of the children when they see their new rooms are priceless. We’re grateful to Global Shop Solutions for helping us make this possible.”

Erica Jones, founder of Sunshine Spaces

A Space of Their Own During Difficult Times

This year’s dream room makeover is for Diego Garcia, a 12-year-old boy who was diagnosed with DMD at age three. Affecting mostly males, DMD robs the body of the ability to create a protein required for healthy muscle growth.  Over time, the muscles progressively get weaker and waste away. There is no cure for DMD, but with medical treatments and special care, the life expectancy can reach age 25. 

The progression of DMD is extremely hard on the families. Diego is already in a wheelchair. By age 15 he will have limited use of his arms. At 18 he will need a ventilator at night to compensate for reduced heart and lung function. By age 20, he will be completely dependent on breathing assistance.

Recognizing the challenges these families face, Sunshine Spaces steps in to create a place that brings peace and joy for the children; a space of their own they can feel excited to be in rather than trapped or isolated. Believing a dream room is just as important for the siblings, Sunshine Spaces is also providing a dream room (with an Avenger theme) for Diego’s 9-year old brother, Maurico.

“We look forward to the Global Shop Solutions project every year,” says Joshua Jones, a board member for Sunshine Spaces. “We work around the clock for three days alongside volunteers from Global Shop Solutions to transform the children’s rooms, and the heart of this company is evident in that of their employees. They truly embody the principle of corporate giving and community first.”

A Culture of Giving Back

Family owned and operated, Global Shop Solutions has built its success around strict adherence to four guiding principles:

  1. Hire the best talent
  2. Listen to the customer
  3. Never stop improving the product
  4. Give back to the community

Global Shop Solutions has a long history of community involvement, including ongoing programs to support the homeless, Toys for Tots, youth programs, veterans and this – a yearly project with Fort Worth-based nonprofit Sunshine Spaces to bring sunshine to the life of a family with a child like Diego.

To see the joint 2018 project covered by local news channel, ABC 7, visit

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