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Single-Screen Simplicity for Shipping

The shipping department is one of the busiest departments at any manufacturer. Every department and every part made relies on you as you are responsible for what is coming into the business and what is leaving the business. If you move slow, business suffers. That is why Global Shop Solutions provides a Shipping Dashboard as part of our standard offering to each and every customer.

What does this shipping dashboard do? It lets you work from a single screen all day every day so you can visually see everything due to come in and everything due to go out with priorities assigned. Take action against shipments right from this Dashboard such as Print Pick List or filter data by customer, location, cutoff date, and more.

Shipping Dashboard

Work faster, work better, and watch everything in real time. Get your ship together with single-screen simplicity.

Customers looking for more information on this Dashboard can contact their Customer Success Manager. Prospects looking for a demo of this Dashboard and more information on our software can schedule a demo.

We simplify your manufacturing.™

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