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Singapore Manufacturer Gets Accurate Data with ERP Software

EQT employee using Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Equiptest Engineering (EQT) is headquartered in Singapore and provides integrated solutions to the micro-electronics industry. Their contact mediums and test contactors are used in a variety of applications, including high-performance thermal, infrared, coaxial, and kelvin contactors. EQT provides reliable mixed-mode manufacturing for its customers around the world.

As EQT grew, the lack of data visibility and difficulty in sharing cross-function information resulted in excessive human error and process gaps that constrained on-time delivery. To address these issues, EQT acquired Global Shop Solutions ERP software and went live with the system in December 2018.

J.S. Foo, Operations Manager of EQT identified three main reasons for choosing Global Shop Solutions:

  1. Superb data visibility for vital areas of the business
  2. The Advanced Planning & Scheduling module
  3. The ability to minimize human error

Timely, Accurate Data When and Where it’s Needed

In the first two years, Global Shop Solutions ERP software generated the results EQT hoped to achieve – and

“With the ability to digitally track setup times, labor costs and other key production metrics, we can now determine job costs with much greater precision, including the true costs of operating our machines.”

J.S. Foo, Operations Manager for EQT

Foo also credits the ready access to information about everything happening on the shop floor for significantly reducing wasted time tracking down people and the information they have. For example, when customers call to inquire about the status of a job, service reps no longer need to take a trip to the shop floor to get the information they need because it’s all there at their fingertips.

Shrinking Backlogs Improves On-Time Delivery

The biggest ERP benefit for EQT has come in its ability to adapt to a very dynamic and fluid production environment.

With the goal of a two-week turnaround upon receiving the sales order, delivery schedules change frequently for EQT, especially with orders from semiconductor customers. Shipments are often delayed due to difficulties in obtaining parts from suppliers. Failure to satisfy customer acceptance requirements due to these and other unforeseen circumstances can result in loss of orders and revenue.

Prior to Global Shop Solutions, EQT often struggled to keep up with their ambitious on-time delivery goals. Since implementation, EQT has reduced their backlog while improving operational results and the company’s financial position.

Download EQT’s full case study to read about how ERP software helped simplify their manufacturing.

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