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Simple, Safe and Secure Data with EDI

Electronic Data Interchange EDI

Saved time, reduced expenses, improved accuracy, and lowered administrative costs are just a few of the many reasons manufacturers are turning to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to simplify their manufacturing and lean their shop floors. EDI orchestrates the safe and secure digital communications with customers, vendors and other business partners.

In the manufacturing industry, trading partners are made up of two companies that can include customers, suppliers and vendors, as well as other companies you regularly exchange information with. Documentation can include sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices, and any other information required to manage the relationship. EDI simplifies the relationship between those you do business with by allowing you to work together more efficiently and effectively.

With EDI, you eliminate the need to manually input data from customers. With real-time transfer of data related to jobs and job requirements, sales orders and purchase orders are automatically entered into your Global Shop Solutions software.

EDI can also serve as a lifesaver when a company is faced with what might seem like an impossible or daunting task. For example, you might need to ship 60 orders from a top customer the same day it was received. Without EDI, you or a team of data entry personnel would have to manually enter the orders, which can take hours if not a full work day to complete. Global Shop Solutions’ EDI software can make that happen within a few minutes and production can begin immediately.

There’s no need to remain in the dark ages, as Global Shop Solutions EDI software will give you a leg up on your competitors knowing your information is being transferred simply, safely and securely. Determining the right EDI approach can be tricky so to for more in-depth information on how EDI works, how to implement EDI and how to choose the right EDI vendor, read our whitepaper.

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