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Serial Number Tracking Simplified

Every machine you make is made up of hundreds, possibly thousands, of parts. Tracking every serial number for every part that goes into building that machine can be a data tracking nightmare. It is at its worst when a machine needs a replacement part or a part fails and comes back as a return. How do you find the right part? How do you trace the serial number back through the system? The solution has just become a lot simpler.

A Master Serial Number
As always, our best solutions are inspired by our customers. This time the customer was Virnig Manufacturing. We used Global Application Builder (GAB) to write a custom solution that assigns one serial number for a machine or assembly that will trace back to all the other serial numbers of parts used, whether purchased or manufactured, to make the end item. It is a master serial number that is tied to all the other serial numbers that make up the full list of component parts in the larger assembly.

Creating the linked serial numbers for the assembly is just the first step. These serial numbers need to be traceable. Our solution allows the serial numbers for the parent part and all the component parts to print on the invoice, the return merchandise authorization (RMA) or a credit memo. A screen view has also been created that will allow your team to quickly backtrack serial numbers when parts come back in for RMA or repair.

With this new solution you have the ability to designate all serial numbers as each assembly is completed. You now can track and see the history of the individual serialized parts used in larger assemblies.

The Problem Solver
Every solution that has been developed through our customizable ERP program has started with someone saying: “I wish we could …” All the sentences end different, but the beginning is always the same. Those four words are the key to improving and simplifying your manufacturing.

Finish the sentence with something that would simplify or improve one aspect of your manufacturing business. It might be an issue with inventory control, workcenter management, estimating, sales or accounting.

The first step in solving a problem is identifying what it is. That is what Virnig Manufacturing did. They gave us an “I wish we could,” and we helped them figure out how it could be done. As a result, every Global Shop Solutions customer can benefit from this newly developed serial number tracking solution.

Contact your Global Shop Solutions representative. Give him or her your “I wish we could” problem. Inspire the creation of the solution for yourself and the rest of the Global Shop Solutions family.


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