Scheduling is a critical aspect of any manufacturing process. It involves creating a plan and timetable for completing tasks, managing resources, and meeting customer demands. Without efficient scheduling, manufacturers can face significant problems, such as missed deadlines, understaffing, over-or-underproduction, and an inability to meet customer demand.

ERP software can help manufacturers manage their shop floor more efficiently, specifically when you use the Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) application as it works to optimize your planning and production.

From knowing the status of jobs in real time to easily identifying production bottlenecks, manufacturers everywhere can increase productivity, reduce costs, and sleep better at night by following the steps outlined in the Scheduling Matters – 10 Ways it Boosts Your Manufacturing whitepaper.

Contract machine shop and longtime customer Alexandria Pro-Fab Co., Inc. found scheduling success this way and hasn’t looked back.

“Any time we make a change to the schedule, the system immediately shows how it will affect every other job. This helped us raise our on-time delivery rates to an average of 97.6%, with 100% for our biggest customer who buys $16 million of product each year.”

Dave Dahl, Plant Manager at Alexandria Pro-Fab

Now it’s your turn. Download the Scheduling Matters – 10 Ways it Boosts Your Manufacturing whitepaper and schedule stronger today.