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Rubber Manufacturer is More Efficient and More Profitable with ERP Software

Rubber manufacturer more efficient with ERP software.

These are busy times for the California Gasket and Rubber Corporation (CGR) of Gardena, California. As new airliners are developed and manufactured, the hoses that must reliably conduit fuel and hydraulics are demanded for both the prototype and finished stages of production. From 747s to GTOs, from military gas masks to swimming goggles, a California Gasket and Rubber part is probably in it somewhere.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road at CGR

For CGR management, Global Shop Solutions ERP software produces a greater range of real-time shop floor data that allows them to make rapid and pivotal production decisions.

“Global Shop Solutions made me change the way I think about our production operations and our business, and to think about things I’d never thought of. For example, the estimating procedure we use through Global Shop Solutions accomplishes much more than our old computerized estimating system did. We live and die in the estimating application – it’s the core of our business. Our Global Shop Solutions ERP software makes the estimating operation completely accurate and efficient in production. The estimating module is of paramount importance to us.”

– Scott Franklin, Vice President of Operations at California Gasket and Rubber

CGR ISO Certification

When it came time for CGR to go ISO, Global Shop Solutions was there at their side, providing the means to collect the all-important documentation needed to make the certification process go smoothly. In fact, the sheer volume of paperwork and massive amount of time usually spent in ISO qualification means time spent away from actual production operations. Global Shop Solutions ERP software makes the ISO cert process, and the subsequent running of ISO jobs, as quick, paperless, and accurate as possible.

Another important contribution to the CGR way of doing business is found in purchasing and inventory control. For a multi-division company, where each division is continually a vendor to the other, keeping track of not only inventory but also the data flow resulting from the orders is a tall task for any ERP software system. Global Shop Solutions passes the test with CGR.

ERP Software and CGR: The Global View

CGR is on the move in America and across the globe. Their business is growing strong through increasing hose division orders at the OE level from Central and South America. Add to this their exports to Canada and Italy, and you have the formula for successful corporate globalization. For practically every phase of production, Global Shop Solutions ERP software is a vital part of what makes CGR succeed.

Franklin concludes, “Global Shop Solutions is so important to everything we do here. It’s hard for me to put to my finger on any one aspect as being more important to us than the other. Each module is so integrally tied together with the others, so functionally efficient in this regard, and it is this quality of the Global Shop Solutions ERP software that really helps us most in our day-to-day operations.”

Read more about how ERP software helped CGR by downloading the full case study.

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