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Rehabilitating the Correctional Industry, One Implementation at a Time

If you own a TV or are a subscriber of Netflix, chances are you have heard of the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black (OITNB). Based on a true story, the show sheds light on the life of a minimum security women’s prison in Connecticut. Aside from the crude humor and drama, OITNB also shows a side of life in correctional facilities that many don’t see. Throughout the United States, both men’s and women’s prisons are not only home to those incarcerated but also a hub for the manufacturing industry.

Apart from license plates, correctional facilities also manufacture products such as government office furniture, law enforcement gear and apparel, military hospital beds, personal eyewear, computer circuit boards, and even the occasional solar panel. Just like any other manufacturing company, these facilities can face many issues if not utilizing the proper ERP system.

Solving issues and providing opportunities
Inventory control, estimating costs, and scheduling are huge headaches for the correctional industry. By purchasing and implementing ERP software into their manufacturing process, correctional industry programs can develop consistent training that provide jobs and live skills to help inmates find a job once released and create some unique, interesting products.

When digging deeper into the issues at hand, we asked Global Shop Solutions ERP Operations Consultant and Correctional Industry Expect Marty Thomas his thoughts on how correctional facilities can solve them.

“If all business units within the industry use Inventory software, inventory costs will go down, stocking levels can be reviewed and managed, and purchasing parts are completed on time,” said Thomas.

Planning & scheduling software creates a system for estimating costs and bidding by creating routers and having a consistent mark. You never have to guess where projects are and when they will be completed. Additionally, shop management software allows you to create work orders, which in return can create schedules and run reports to see how well your estimates versus actual costs really are.

When Global Shop Solutions customer Idaho Correctional Industries first implemented our software, they found over $280,000 worth of inventory. In addition, their highest return on investment is being able to provide inmates with a real-world system and skills that they can use once released.

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