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Push the Sled – An Introduction

My name is Dusty Alexander, and I am the President and CEO of Global Shop Solutions. I feel blessed to have spent my entire life in and around manufacturing – the lifeblood of America and the great state of Texas. I spend the majority of my day speaking to and meeting with our manufacturing customers from around the world, listening to the challenges they face day in and day out. They bring these challenges to Global Shop Solutions because they see us as their trusted partner and adviser in manufacturing. Over the years, nearly all of these conversations end with a smile, laughter, a handshake or hug and a statement similar to “Dusty, I had no idea your software and company could do that.”

I’d like to welcome all customers, prospects, and manufacturing to my personal blog titled Push the Sled. The goal of this blog is to serve as a magnifying glass, highlighting the creative, exciting, and complex challenges the countless manufacturing companies around the world face and what they demand from Global Shop Solutions as their trusted ERP manufacturing software partner.

As a family-run business for nearly 40 years, Global Shop Solutions proudly serves as the only provider of the One-System ERP™ Software. Simply put, we simplify your manufacturing, and our software has helped thousands of discrete manufacturers around the world increase sales, improve quality and on-time delivery, and lower costs. I have watched Global Shop Solutions grow from humble beginnings as a small local company to a global enterprise. Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, we now serve customers across the United States, all over Canada and Mexico, and in 22 additional countries. The keystone to our four decades of success has been the ongoing improvement of our products. We constantly add new features and capabilities to keep our customers ahead of the technology curve. Even though we serve a global market, we’re also proud to say that we continue to design, develop and support our proprietary software products here in the United States.

The blog is titled Push the Sled because no matter how good you get (at physical fitness or running a manufacturing business or being an ERP user) you can always work harder, get better, and be humbled (by adding more weight to the sled or new automation to your manufacturing business). Staying humble is an important part of Global Shop Solutions and you can find me in the parking lot of our corporate headquarters most Saturdays at 6 am pushing the sled with other employees finding humility and encouraging each other!

I hope you enjoy the blog and find the information useful, creative, and full of personal challenges to you and your manufacturing business.


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