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Purchase Order Review with PO Confirmation Dashboard

Purchase Order Review Dashboard

Are you responsible for managing purchase orders (POs)? Gone are the days of clicking through multiple screens. Manufacturing customers of Global Shop Solutions benefit from single-screen simplicity with the Purchase Order Review with PO Confirmation Dashboard. (You can learn more about this and all our Dashboards for Manufacturers here.)

This Dashboard comes standard in Global Shop Solutions – meaning, if you are a customer, you own it with no extra cost – and provides you with an easy to use visual of the following:

  • All Open POs
  • POs expected to be received today
  • All POs Past Due

Purchasing Dashboard

Users of this Dashboard will also have the ability to take action against open POs, expected POs, and past due POs based on permissions assigned.

Customers looking for more information on this Dashboard can contact their Customer Success Manager. Prospects looking for a demo of this Dashboard and more information on our software can schedule a demo.

We simplify your manufacturing.™

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