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Project Management with ERP Increases Visibility of Costs

Global Shop Solutions

Manufacturers with a bird’s eye view of costs have invaluable insight into the expenditures of projects. However, many companies don’t have this luxury. If they do, it takes a lot of time and resources to analyze costs. Human error and unanticipated inefficiencies could compromise the integrity of data.

People make mistakes. Project managers that handle this job responsibility must be capable of staffing an effective team, ERP Focus reported. Being a strong communicator is essential to the position as well. From speaking with shop floor staff to C-level executives, the employee needs to speak the same language with a range of people. This is a tough job to take on, and individuals run the risk of disrupting the data.

With Global Shop Solutions’ Project Management feature, manufacturers can rest easy knowing the software eliminates human error. It captures accurate project information at any given moment. Individuals enjoy visibility. The program sorts data from numerous work orders, invoices and shipments. This helps employees compare the original budget, estimates and actual performance.

One of the best components of Global Shop’s project management feature is its ability to tailor to the needs of the shop floor environment. With accurate data, manufacturing companies will know the costs of the job and why it cost a certain amount. Count on Global Shop to streamline the project management process.

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