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Preventative Maintenance: Route It Your Way

Have you ever had your schedule messed up because of equipment that is down for required maintenance? If you have, then you know how frustrating that can be. It is like having half your crew call in sick all on the same day. There’s no room in the schedule for that.

That kind of unexpected interruption in production doesn’t happen with Global Shop Solutions Preventative Maintenance software in place. Our Preventative Maintenance software operates with more efficiency than a dedicated team, just for maintenance scheduling, but at a fraction of the cost.meltzer-quote

Centralized Work Order Management
The software becomes the central hub for all the work orders related to preventative maintenance, but it doesn’t operate in isolation. As a part of your integrated ERP software, the data from those work orders is also available for scheduling and shop floor management. The preventative maintenance schedule is integrated with all the other factors related to the workflow of your projects. This eliminates last minute interruptions or delays in a project because of mandated maintenance.

Route It Your Way
How do you schedule your maintenance: by the part or workcenter? Is maintenance scheduled by machine hours, number of days or usage? The software has the flexibility to work with your preferences and needs. You don’t have to change your way of doing things to match the software. You are simply automating the process to make the information more accessible and eliminate the errors that naturally occur in manual maintenance scheduling procedures.

Classify the types of maintenance you need with Preventative Maintenance Definitions

Know Your Real Costs
One of the biggest bonuses of automating your maintenance scheduling is the cost calculations that are generated through the software. What is the actual cost involved with your preventative maintenance? Again, with the software tracking all the details, you not only see an accurate total for your operations, but you can drill down into specifics. This gives a much clearer picture of how maintenance affects your bottom line in different areas of your operation.

Efficiency and Accuracy Saves You Money
Issuing of work orders for each machine, workcenter, bin or part can be automated so that work orders are issued at your chosen intervals. All the details and instruction related to the maintenance work order can be included. No guess work. No miscommunications or inconsistencies in how the work is carried out. Once the work order is marked complete, the next maintenance work order is created and added to the schedule. There are no delays in the process. No one has paperwork stacking up on their desk waiting to be completed. This is the beauty of ERP software automation.

As with all Global Shop Solutions ERP software for manufacturers, the Preventative Maintenance software integrates seamlessly with your financial management and shop management software. It gives you more data, and data that is extremely accurate, in relation to maintenance costs. It eliminates wasted time and delays in production by providing an efficient, automated system. In the end, all of these things save you money and simplify your manufacturing process.

Pamela Grady is a Senior Operations Consultant for Global Shop Solutions. For over 20 years, Pamela has been involved in various aspect of the business operations, from supply chain to quality, serving multiple industries, such as aerospace and semiconductor.

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