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Preparing Your Business for a New ERP Implementation

Deciding to implement an ERP system is a big step for any business. Once this exciting decision is made, visions of increased efficiency and increased profits may dance before your eyes.

And while the end result will greatly benefit your company, there are some challenges ahead. I want to share with you some insight I’ve learned over the years to help your business best prepare.

First things first, get a core team together to head up the entire process. Make sure someone from every department is represented. This guarantees that the implementation is equally weighted across the company, allowing everyone to benefit.

Once the core team is in place, time to start the planning phase. At this point, I recommend everyone take a deep breath and assess the entire process. Identify what can be done now that will make things easier later.

This project can take anywhere between 6 – 9 months. That is a good chunk of time. Be honest with your team and company that this is huge undertaking. In fact, be as transparent as humanly possible. No good can lead to secret meetings behind closed doors. Folks start to get ideas.

Blast information far and wide. Announce it on your company website, share it on message boards so the staff can ask any questions they may have. This a company-wide initiative and the company needs to be informed every step of the way.  Be realistic about the challenges as well as the benefits.

I also can’t stress this enough, know your processes and document them accordingly. Global Shop Solutions team of consultants are experts in implementation but we can better serve you if you provide us with as much information as possible on your products and how your company is managed.

Look, this whole thing can be an emotional rollercoaster, a little like a new relationship. Once you select your new implementation, you’re in the honeymoon phase, eagerly anticipating all the glory that awaits you. But as I said before, this is a long process. The team will feel weighed down by all the responsibilities, there will be some resistance to change. As you approach the launch date, people start getting excited again. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Once you go live, new challenges arise, frustration may set in but then everyone adjusts. Soon you will wonder how you ever lived without your new ERP system.

Trust me, our team of consultants are well aware of all the challenges a new implementation brings. We work with a vast array of companies and are adept at matching our skills with your needs. Some of us have been in your shoes, on the shop floor, as project managers, or working in the offices, helping us tackle each project with a variety of perspectives

And it’s not just that we bring a certain level of expertise to every project. Once you purchase Global Shop Solutions and start your ERP implementation, you are assigned your very own Global Shop Solutions Project Manager. They will be with you and your company for the duration of the project, leading the way to the Promised Land!

Hopefully this post gives you some insight into what it takes to prepare for a new implementation. It’s a big job and should be treated as such. Just remember, our team at Global Shop Solutions is here to help with every facet of the project.

Chris Pinaire is the Director of Consulting and Implementation at Global Shop Solutions, where he has been a part of more than 250 ERP software implementations. His team has more than 200 implementations active at any given time. When Chris is not helping customers simplify their operations to become more efficient, he enjoys running and spending time with his family.

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