ATD Precision/Allstate Tool & Die is a close-tolerance precision CNC manufacturing company that works in a variety of industries, such as aerospace, motion control, medical, transportation, and fluid control. Located in Rochester, New York, ATD Precision’s objective is to simply do away with as much paper as possible. To help them achieve this goal, ATD Precision turned to Global Shop Solutions. With Global Shop Solutions, ATD Precision found that tracking shop information in real time eliminated the need for constantly producing and shuffling paper all over the plant.

Getting a better grasp on shop floor information also means achieving a better sense of scheduling for on-time delivery. Advanced scheduling at ATD Precision is no small feat, but Global Shop Solutions’ Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) application is their best solution for staying on top of every job in real time.

“I can honestly say that our on-time delivery has improved because of our capacity foresight,” says ATD Precision System Engineer Administrator Ray Almekinder. “Global Shop Solutions’ APS module is the best in the business. Incredibly powerful.”

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