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Over One Hundred Customers are Willing to Speak on Our Behalf

Any business owner in any industry will tell you they want more sales. The more revenue you generate the more you can invest in your company, employees, and customers to build a stronger business, brand, and increase stability and profitability. Few things help more than an existing customer base that is willing to speak on your company’s behalf. Global Shop Solutions is proud to have over 150 customer case studies publicly available on our website from our customers who are willing to answer the bell about our ERP software. These customers get nothing in return except exceptional service and products that help grow their business and aids them in delivering quality parts on-time, every time leading to increased sales.

Quality and precision are the expected standards from customers in the metal fabrication industry. Global Shop Solutions ERP software provides said industry with the necessary tools to complete projects on time and on budget. By using real-time data, our efficient Advanced Planning and Scheduling application simplifies capacity planning while providing improved accuracy in your decision making process.

Senior Sales Engineer Andrew Batterton was provided the opportunity to speak at the FMA Leadership Conference in San Diego, California and presented a case study on Bazz Houston as well as the 10 ways we simplify your manufacturing to nearly 250 metal fabrication manufacturers.

Many topics were in play at the conference among all the metal fabrication manufacturers with a few common themes among them including scheduling, lean manufacturing, and the state of the economy. Andrew and Business Development Representative Mitch Halquist found themselves demonstrating and bringing these metal fabricators up to speed on capacity visibility and forecasting, with a focus on how metal fabricators heavily rely on gauging current and future capacity in order to keep manufacturing operations running smoothly and costs under control. Additionally, the customers we found to be attending were speaking on our behalf about the precise quality control our ERP software provides them and allows them to stand out from their competition.

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