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Our Customer: A Pioneer for Women in Manufacturing

Growing up you always hear that girls should be playing house or dressing up dolls while boys play with trucks and sports. But for one young girl boundaries were meant to be broken.

Aneesa Muthana was only 11 years old when she first started working in her father’s machine shop in Chicago. She was highly skilled, outshined her two older brothers and loved her work. So much so that by the time she was 23, she was recruited by her uncle to help run his business.

Fast forward to current day where she now reigns as the President and Owner of Pioneer Service Inc, a Global Shop Solutions customer for nearly two years. Muthana was also featured in the recent Modern Metals’ Women in Metals issue. As President, Muthana has made it her mission to maintain the enviable reputation Pioneer Service has with its valued customers, suppliers and employees as they continue to grow. Paying her success forward, Muthana says, “I buy from women. I interview women for positions at my company. I am blown away by the talent out there. You’ll find closed doors but also open doors. If you know your business, you’ll get in.”

When she’s not busy running her manufacturing business, she enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering for humanitarian efforts, both domestically and internationally. She is also a certified Regional Trainer for the American Red Cross.

Congratulations Aneesa on all of your success at Pioneer Service Inc. and for your leadership of women in the manufacturing industry!

Click here to view the Women in Metals issue.

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