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Global Shop Solutions: A 40-Year Journey

In 1976, the Internet was being birthed in the minds of a few forward thinkers. At the same time, another forward thinker, Dick Alexander, decided to take his concept of software for the shop floor of manufacturers and make it a reality. That was the beginning of Global Shop Solutions.

The oil industry in Texas and Louisiana was first to simplify their manufacturing through the new ERP software, but it didn’t take long for other industries to recognize the benefits being realized. Soon, Global Shop Solutions expanded its reach, both in industries served and geographical territory.

From the beginning, innovation has been inspired by the requests and suggestions of our customers. Solutions and improvements were developed and launched as updates to the ERP software. This has continued to be the pattern that has moved Global Shop Solutions forward as a leader in ERP solutions for manufacturers.

The journey has included both challenges and exciting breakthroughs, as technology has continued to advance at increasing speed. New generations have taken on leadership in this family-owned business. New offices have opened in locations around the world. It is a journey and a story we are proud of. And, now, we are excited to share the story with you.

To learn the full story of our 40-year journey to become one of the top leaders in ERP software for manufacturers, download our  Global Shop Solutions Corporate Overview brochure. (To download the brochure, complete the short form and it will be emailed to you.)



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