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Nesting Software and the Tube Cutting Solution You Need

In today’s world, ERP software is the epicenter of any successful manufacturing business. It’s the reason manufacturers are successful at scheduling, tracking costs, purchasing raw materials, customer relationship management, and more. But you also need an additional component: Nesting Interface software.

Global Shop Solutions Nesting Interface software integrates your ERP software with your current nesting software. This integration simplifies your cutting process and your production and provides a measurable improvement over the old manual processes. It also saves manufacturers time, labor and purchasing costs, provides tighter inventory control, improved waste management, accurate estimating, and more.

Our nesting software partner SigmaTEK, the world’s leading CAD/CAM software company, has once again improved the nesting software experience for manufacturers with their automated tube-cutting software, SigmaTUBE X1. If you’re a tube fabricator, your mission-critical work is about to get much easier. This complete tube-cutting nesting solution is gear towards 4, 5, 6-axis cutting machines that automatically processes and programs entire assemblies for tubes of all shapes and sizes. Gone are the days of manually inputting what tubes need to be cut to what size and shape, which we all know can take hours depending on the quantity of the order.

This tube cutting solution offers a 1D nesting option that gives you the best overall yield possible based on your stock selection. Additionally, it includes a nest calculator, which is a material optimization tool that calculates the ideal stock length for a task, and can be used for quoting to determine how much stock you need to complete a job prior to programming.

To learn more about how nesting software and SigmaTUBE X1 can simplify your tube cutting process, visit or call 513-674-0005 for more information.

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