Every manufacturing company needs the ability to stay on top of jobs in real-time. Global Shop Solutions is making this easier than ever with the release of its Moveable Dispatch Chart. As a new addition to Global Shop Solutions’ Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software, the Moveable Dispatch Chart enables adjustments to be made to the system-generated schedule quickly, efficiently, and accurately saving time on the shop floor. The Moveable Dispatch Chart enables the user to see the dispatch list in chart form and allows jobs to be reordered by dragging them up and down the list or to another workcenter. These changes are typically made based on the demand of each workcenter, job due dates, and other scheduling parameters defined by the user helping improve production efficiency.

“Having a drag-and-drop system easily allows users to make minor adjustments to the schedule and group jobs together by raw material to decrease time going back and forth to inventory,” says Mike Melzer, Vice President of Operations and Service at Global Shop Solutions. “With this product, we’ve made it easier for our customers to control production in real time.”

See our press release on the Movable Dispatch Chart in the industry publication Woodworking Network.