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Molding the Future of Manufacturing in Novi, Michigan

Take a deep breath and watch the warm summer sun rise over the horizon in Novi, Michigan, where it’s likely manufacturers are already hard at work building and molding the next big (and small) innovations in the automotive industry. One of the epicenters of American manufacturing, Michigan is home to some of the world’s best tool and die, machining, plastics, and injection-mold auto part manufacturers. For over 40 years Global Shop Solutions has been a trusted ERP software provider to the automotive manufacturing industry, which is why we participated at Amerimold 2016.

Quality, quality, and more quality is often at the center of most automotive-industry events and Amerimold was no different, whether it’s micro-welding assemblies, cylindrical grinders for production, or precision drill bits that are as small as 0.079mm.

Most manufacturers look to improve their factory efficiency by controlling scheduling, job costing, inventory, and engineering systems in their facility but by what means and how much can you really improve that efficiency? The difference really comes between being accurate and being precise; and no they do not necessarily mean the same thing.

Accuracy is the ability to hit your target efficiently, whereas precision is how consistently you can maintain those factory efficiency percentages. What level of efficiency can be achieved when your company leadership is able to have real-time data and control over the costs? What systems will help achieve a 99% efficiency rating and lean your manufacturing through predefined workflows in an all-in-one system?

For over 40 years, Global Shop Solutions ERP software that has helped thousands of manufacturing facilities increase efficiency for their manufacturing operations. One great example of efficiency improvement is through software integration that lets your CAD design software import data directly to your ERP software. Conveniently, Global Shop Solutions ERP software has this great feature and even better, the integration is available at a very low cost and does not require any third party add-ons like others in the marketplace.

Mike Dynkin is a business development representative for Global Shop Solutions and is responsible for finding new business opportunities in the greater Midwest of the United States. 

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