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Manufacturing Sales Quotes in One Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Global Shop Solutions, ERP Software

Most manufacturing business owners have one thing in common – they like seeing their business grow. In order to grow your manufacturing business you need to create sales opportunities, which typically end with providing a quote for work. Accuracy and availability of these quotes to sales and executive management are critical because as we all know it typically takes three new customers to grow from a lost customer (one to replace, one to cover the cost of acquisition, and one to grow).

The more accurate and accessible these quotes are to sales and executive management the more proactive the business can be in forecasting cash flow, growth, benefits, hiring, and more. Through its continuous improvement program, Global Shop Solutions recognized the need for a simpler way for sales and executive management to access quotes and released the Sales Quotes Dashboard – ARC Project 4254.

The Sales Quote Dashboard pulls data in real time from Global Shop Solutions ERP software and allows sales or executive management to see the following information on one screen (which is also available on your mobile phone through our Mobile CRM product):

  • Customer Number
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Purchase Order
  • Quote Number
  • Status
  • Due Date
  • Quote Amount
  • And more

The dashboard also allows you to filter by the following defaults (or customize):

  • All quotes
  • Open quotes
  • Days

But, that isn’t all. The great thing about the dashboard is if you want more information about the customer or the quote itself all you do is click your mouse. The data is real time and linked so you can access any piece of data exactly when you need it. See a quote that seems too high or too small or just darn interesting – click on it and see it.

You are probably saying to yourself this is absolutely incredible. How does Global Shop Solutions keep pumping out products that simplify manufacturing™? The answer comes in the philosophy that we have been pushing for 40 years – one system, built from the ground up, leveraging one database containing all of your information so data can easily be accessed from any screen.

You might be saying, I’ve used several ERP systems and seen demos from others and nothing compares to Global Shop Solutions. How are you able to provide simple solutions to manufacturing like this where others cannot? The answer is in our dedication to making our software in a way that it can be customized to meet the needs of each customer.

Automation of your manufacturing business will increase margin, profitability, and accuracy in all of your disciplines enabling you to compete more effectively both domestically and globally. This customization is enabled by our software development kit (SDK) called the Global Application Builder (GAB). Through GAB, Global Shop Solutions and our customer based have created over 1,000 projects and reports that are free for all customers to download and access. Now that is simplifying your manufacturing.

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