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Lean Manufacturing Comes from Smart ERP Software Use

The use of enterprise resource planning software has increased significantly as organizations are uncovering the ways in which the solution can benefit their businesses. Companies involved in manufacturing can become substantially more efficient by implementing an ERP solution.

For example, a report from Quality Magazine highlighted how ERP software can help a company operating in the industrial field implement lean manufacturing practices. These businesses can better manage their inventories, improve customer service and use data to uncover inefficiencies which can lead to changes that will help a company improve operations and lower costs in the process.

However, it’s important to remember that there are a number of ERP software platforms that are available on the market today. There is no one-size-fits-all fix because no two companies are alike. Implementing the wrong solution can have adverse benefits to the business. It can also lead to increased costs when it comes to uninstalling a platform and introducing another.

Still, as is true with nearly all technologies, advancements are being made to make ERP software platforms that are already good, even better. Because of this, decision-makers looking to implement ERP software into their businesses need to be aware of trends taking place within the sector to ensure that platform installed can fully meet the needs of the organizations involved.

ERP software trends that are coming in the future
Abas ERP listed a number of changes that will essentially reshape enterprise resource planning software and make it more beneficial for companies. The biggest benefits will allow a company to be more agile in its processes and react to changes quickly. One of these is the introduction of mobile technology integrated into the platforms.

The website stated that within six years, mobile devices that can access the ERP software and be used to input data or make changes will become commonplace. This is largely due to the increased adoption of smartphones and tablets that are powerful enough to support this functionality.

“The more unwired we are in terms of devices the more tethered we are to the business,” Cindy Jutras, president of Mint Jutras, an independent consulting firm, told Quality Magazine. “In the past people would get alerted on their mobile device. Then they would call someone to do the corrective action. People are becoming less patient. They don’t want someone else to have to dig into and do the corrective action. This brings an executive user to ERP when in the past they did not touch it.”

Another coming trend to ERP software platform is the ability to increase collaboration and communication within an organization and also with its customer base. Real-time information is critical when it comes to keeping consumers in the loop as well as decision-makers inside of an organization. By allowing everyone access to the same information, it makes for a better working environment and improves the relationship a company has with its customer base.

Finally, ERP software platforms will be developed with ease of use in mind. Abas ERP wrote that as the workforce becomes younger, particularly within the manufacturing sector, ERP solutions will have to be simplified in such a way that new users can quickly learn how to effectively use the system, allowing the company to maintain efficient operations.

“The consumerization of IT is a real thing,” Jutras told Quality Magazine. “If applications do not have ease of use and intuitive interface then people just won’t use them. Even if it is a requirement of their job, they may just go somewhere else where they have better technology to use.”

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