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Labeling Goals: Everyone Does it the Same Way Every Time

Businesses all around the world have trouble creating uniformity among labeling. It is hard to get all team members to print the exact same labels. At our partner TEKLYNK, they say: “Variety may be the spice of life, but it is the enemy of efficiency!”

    1. Set up an approval process. In order to get everybody on the same page when it comes to labeling, team members must work together. To do so, create a process; it will make it much simpler for team members to follow the directions and make sure printing is efficient and accurate. The process can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be, but all team members must follow it.
    2. Define user roles. The process is easier when it is broken into jobs and assignments. Define who designs, who approves, and who prints. Design permissions should be limited to a few, highly-trained people. Approvers can approve or deny, but they cannot make changes. The print user’s job should be as simple as possible.
    3. Integrate with hardware. Using hardware makes the process easier to follow and takes the guessing out of the equation. In order to ensure uniformity among labels, leverage your scales and scanners to input data. Your labeling software provider should have software that allows businesses to remove manual steps and help improve printing accuracy.

While printing accurate labels the same way every time can be tough to achieve, follow these three steps above to make it much easier. That is why your business needs a process and the right labeling software partner.

Author: Our partner TEKLYNX, a leader in barcode label software, helps businesses all around the world run more efficiently and simplifies the barcode labeling process.

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