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Keep Your Ship on Course with Shop Management

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The shop floor is where everything is happening. It is the hub of every manufacturing business, the rudder that steers the ship. Without tight control of what is happening on the shop floor, you can quickly veer off course, costing you time and, of course, dollars.

The True Compass of Real-Time Data
One of the biggest reasons behind the cost overruns and delays experienced by manufacturers is the time lapse between the time data is collected and data being made available for review and analysis. Often the cause of a problem is not identified until after an order has been completed and shipped. At that point, the only purpose the information serves is to use it to address the problem in a way that will prevent it from recurring in the future.

You can avoid this time lapse issue and make corrections immediately if your management team is receiving accurate data in real-time. That is one of main strengths of Global Shop Solutions Shop Management application. With the Shop Management application, you can access all your scheduling information, from the master work order schedule to multi-level bill of materials (BOM) scheduling. You have accurate, current information to base your decisions on, adjusting course as necessary.

Who Benefits from Accurate, Detailed Data?
Accurate shop floor data benefits everyone in your company and your customers as well.

  • Estimators. When estimators can compare their estimated shop rate with true, actual costs, they can confidently adjust that rate to reflect the reality of performance.
  • Schedulers. If schedulers know exactly how much time has been put in on a job and how many estimated hours are left, they can fill the work schedule appropriately, preventing delays due to poor scheduling.
  • Accounting. No one loves accurate numbers more than your accounting team. Getting those numbers on a daily basis simplifies calculation of quarterly projections and gives them a greater confidence in the outcomes they foresee for the future.
  • Sales. It makes every sale easier when your sales team can show just how accurate and detailed your cost tracking is for all your projects.
  • Customers. With accurate, timely data, you can maintain competitive pricing, which every customer can appreciate. That is just the beginning. With accurate, real-time data, your customer service ratings also improve. Questions about where a project stands in relation to schedule and budget are easily answered without any delay to seek out the most current information.

Data Analysis Reporting
Collection and access to accurate, timely data is a huge improvement for any company, but that data still needs to be formulated into meaningful reports. This is another area where Global Shop Solutions Shop Management application excels.

Managers can review and analyze report data right from the shop floor. Customized reports can be created to give your team the exact data they need, you are not restricted to the standard reports in the application. You can create daily dispatch lists and outside process scheduling reports. You can review production planning and your overhead, all from this one application.

Set Sail with Confidence
In the past, when sailors lost sight of the stars due to clouds or fog, they could easily wander off course in the night. As long as they had a clear view of those tiny sparkles in the sky, they could guide the ship to its destination. The same is true with a manufacturing company. When management, from the shop floor to the front office, has an accurate and detailed view of what is happening on a daily basis, meeting your goals for success is a lot easier.

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