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Increased Sales Without Increasing Headcount is No Problem for Eptam Plastics

Headquartered in Northfield, New Hampshire, Eptam Plastics is the leading high-precision plastic machining company targeting demanding applications. Servicing a variety of industries including aerospace, medical, and defense, Eptam Plastics depends on Global Shop Solutions to deliver a superior shop management system that interfaces with the way they do business. The result has been extensive shop-wide cost management.

Kathy Morin, Eptam Plastics’ Controller, sees the biggest return on their ERP software investment from cost accounting.

“Being a manufacturer, there’s always a lot of pressure on us to contain costs,” says Morin. “Global Shop Solutions allows us to do more with the same number of people. In fact, because we’re more efficient, we’ve increased our sales considerably over the years without adding any more people.”

A more efficient workforce in alliance with improved capacity planning means that work gets done right and on time. Eptam realizes this every day through their use of Global Shop Solutions. Whether it’s milling, turning, routing, sawing, or any other capability, work orders move through their plant with efficiency and accountability. Part of the reason is the robust nature of the Global Shop Solutions APS application.

“Global Shop Solutions has really helped us in terms of on-time delivery, and where it’s made its most impact is in the APS application,” says Jeff Hollinger, President of Eptam. “By using the whole APS application, it’s giving us a much better look at what dates we should be committing to and making sure we start the right work at the right time.”

To learn more about Eptam Plastics, download their case study or any of our other case studies here.

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