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How to Make Your Labeling Easy

Keep it simple. That’s what you want – in life, in your business, and in your labeling. Without a clean and simple labeling process, your labeling will be inefficient, difficult and costly. Follow these simple 3 steps to make your labeling practical and easy to use.

    1. Centralize label file storage. It is common for files to get lost in storage and it’s a crucial mistake to the labeling process. In order to prevent this from happening, save all your templates in centralized folders in one location. Then when a person makes an important change to a label template, everyone will have immediate access to the most up-to-date file.
    2. Standardize onto one brand and version. Having different file types can be extremely frustrating when designing & printing labels as a team. Using the same brand and version of labeling software will ensure all team members can open, edit, view and print labels in a timely manner, and it creates a healthy environment for team collaboration.
    3. Print from your business system. By leveraging the intelligence and data in your ERP software, you will minimize errors and speed up the printing process. It provides ease of use and simplicity. Your label printing software should provide you with an integration that easily works with your ERP software.

If your business labeling system is easy to use, employees will be more productive and your business will be more successful. By centralizing label file storage, standardizing your software onto one brand and version, and printing from your business system, you will see easier labeling and more accurate work.

Author: Our partner TEKLYNX, a leader in barcode label software, helps businesses all around the world run more efficiently and simplifies the barcode labeling process.

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