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How To Make Smarter Manufacturing Purchasing Decisions

“Job delayed. Parts did not arrive.”

“Due date moved up. No one notified purchasing. Material did not arrive in time. Lost job.”

“Rush job. Need parts yesterday. Where are they?”

Days like this can be frustrating…and easily avoided. Imagine a day when the data given to purchasing is accurate 100% of the time and lead times are true rather than estimates. Imagine a buyer knowing with certainty that inventory levels are correct, where notifications for re-order points come in real time at the right time. Imagine having all the purchasing information at your fingertips exactly when you need it. And it’s all done by your ERP software.

How much time and money would that save your business? How much more competitive could you be? How many happier customers would you have?

To make smarter purchasing decisions and modernize your manufacturing purchasing process, download the 5 Ways to Modernize Your Manufacturing Purchasing whitepaper. This whitepaper will give you 5 ways that you can easily implement in your shop with the right ERP software.

Our customer DeJong Manufacturing, a metal fabricator in Iowa, used Way #1 to simplify their purchasing and bring it into the modern era.

“When one of my commodities hits the reorder point, Global Shop Solutions automatically notifies me through the message system without my having to run the auto purchase report. If I’m traveling, it sends an email to my Blackberry, telling me the quantity and type of commodity I need to order. All I have to do is message a team member to order the materials so they arrive in time for the job.”

-Matt DeJong, Vice President of Sales and Manufacturing, DeJong Manufacturing, Inc.

(If you’d like to read the rest of the DeJong Manufacturing, Inc. ERP software case study, you can download it here.)

By bringing your purchasing process into the 21st century, you’ll find ways to make your buyers’ days easier, your bottom line in the green, and your customers happier.  

Download the 5 Ways to Modernize Your Manufacturing Purchasing whitepaper to start your journey today.

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