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How EDI Can Change the Way You Manufacture

In manufacturing, time is of the essence, expenses can rack up quickly, and accuracy is a staple. So how do you avoid wasting time, overspending, making mistakes, and more? Simple. You introduce your business to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software.

What is Electronic Data Interchange or EDI? EDI is the structured transmission of data between organizations by means of electronics. It essentially orchestrates the safe and secure digital communications with customers, vendors and your other business partners in order to simplify your manufacturing and lean your shop floor.

With EDI, you eliminate the need to manually input data from your customers, as a real-time transfer of data related to jobs and job requirements, sales orders, and purchase orders are automatically entered into your ERP software.

If manually inputting work orders takes your employees almost a full day to complete, EDI is the answer to your prayers. You can cut down those 8-10 hours of manual entry into a few minutes of digital bliss and production can begin immediately. It’s a win for you, and it’s a win for your customers.

EDI helps manufacturers step into the new digital age in a simple, safe, and secure way leaving the stone age of manufacturing in the dust. Determining the right EDI approach can be tricky, so for more information on how EDI works, how it’s implanted, and how to choose the right EDI vendor, read our Simplify Your Shop Floor with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) whitepaper.

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