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Great Western Valve is using GAB. Why Aren’t You?

Located in Houston, Texas, Great Western Valve repairs and remanufactures control valves, pipeline valves, and relief valves used in the refining, petrochemical, pipeline, power and pulp and paper industries. Founded in 1990, the company uses the latest in equipment and machinery to ensure their valve repair jobs meet the highest quality standards. Because of this, Great Western Valve is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company as well as API compliant.

Like so many manufacturing companies that pre-date sophisticated ERP software, Great Western Valve managed to get by for years with a hodgepodge of accounting and database programs. When Vice President of Operations Michael Kouloumoundras could no longer tolerate the multitude of programs, management decided it was time for a change. They found this change in Global Shop Solutions.

“As we grew, we realized we needed one integrated system to tie everything together from start to finish. After researching several different ERP systems, Global Shop Solutions stood out from the rest.”

-Michael Kouloumoundras, Vice President of Operations

The ability to simplifying operations and cut costs throughout the company were the top benefits that sold Great Western Valve on Global Shop Solutions ERP software.

But nowhere has the software made a bigger difference than with the valve roster – a custom Global Application Builder (GAB) database program that makes it easy to track, collect, and manage the large amount of information required for each valve repair job. When the customer sends in a purchase order, it sets the repair process in motion by generating the work order and routers in Global Shop Solutions. Any unique customer specifications, such as only using stainless steel bolts, are captured on the router.

“The work order is the critical element in our operation,” explains Kouloumoundras. “Throughout the production process, people are charging their time and issuing materials from inventory to work orders – two critical tasks made much easier by Global Shop Solutions.”

To learn more about Great Western Valve’s success with Global Shop Solutions, download their case study here.

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