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Going Green with House of Doolittle

Located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, House of Doolittle makes paper products such as desk pads, appointment planners, wall calendars, and memo pads. What makes House of Doolittle products different from others in their industry is they create their products using 100% recycled paper with 100% post-consumer fiber.

With Global Shop Solutions, House of Doolittle can offer their high-quality green products at competitive prices. A customer since 1989, House of Doolittle also donates five percent of its profits to organizations that work to create a more sustainable environment.

Error-Free Orders

With Global Shop Solutions’ Global Application Builder, House of Doolittle can ship products efficiently and error-free.

Prior to Global Shop Solutions, we did a lot of duplicate data entry and manual cross-checking of paper work orders, bills of lading and packing slips. Needless to say, it was slow, inefficient and rife with errors. With Shipment Validation, which Global Shop Solutions helped us put together with their Global Application Builder (GAB), everything is automatic.

– Ann Suplee, Systems Manager, House of Doolittle

No More Clunky Databases

House of Doolittle used to manage their information through different databases. These databases were linked to Global Shop Solutions and this was not practical. Suplee requested Global Shop Solutions to simplify their process. Through the Global Application Builder (GAB), House of Doolittle was able to create four different practical screens to track and manage orders. This was a game changer for House of Doolittle.

Efficiency with Global Shop Solutions

Employees throughout House of Doolittle recognize the importance and value of Global Shop Solutions’ ERP Software. In addition to using the GAB tool, Suplee also makes frequent use of Global Shop Solutions’ online GAB Forum, a place where Global Shop Solutions customers can exchange ideas about how they’re using GAB to customize the software in their companies. By making the jobs on customers easier and more efficient, Global Shop Solutions is the best ERP software in the industry.

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