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Going Against the Grain for Customer Leiden Cabinet Pays Off

Headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio, Leiden Cabinet Company is a privately-owned business that manufactures custom wood interior fixtures for retail environments, restaurants and hotels. It’s lengthy list of customers include many of America’s most recognizable brands including Panera Bread, Dick’s Sporting Goods, American Eagle, U.S. Polo, DXL Casual Male, Embassy Suites and Hampton Inn. In addition to its retail store fixtures, the company also offers custom cabinetry and architectural millwork.

Using Global Shop Solutions, Leiden Cabinet tracks material usage for each job while it’s in progress. To balance its workload throughout the year, Leiden Cabinet builds up its stock of finished goods ahead of time and allows customers to pull from inventory as needed. Global Shop Solutions’ robust and real-time Inventory application makes it easy to track stock levels by customer, including how many parts have been pulled and whether more product needs to be made for future shipment dates.

“Back when we had a small number of accounts, we could get by with managing inventory on spreadsheets,” recalls Mike Mareno, director of business development for Leiden Cabinet. “Now we have so many accounts that it would be impossible to meet their demands without a reliable ERP system.”

With Global Shop Solutions, Leiden Cabinet also has complete visibility of all costs related to each job – a key ingredient for achieving the desired margins and maintaining a strong competitive position.

“In old days, if we had more money than debt at the end of the year, we knew we were making money. With Global Shop Solutions, we can track costs in real time, so that as soon as a job ships we know how much it cost. This allows us to see how we’re doing on individual accounts and individual fixtures, which allows us to make smart pricing decisions.”

-Mike Mareno, Director of Business Development

To learn more about Leiden’s successful implementation of Global Shop Solutions, download their case study here.

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