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Global Shop Solutions New Version Management System for ERP Software

Global Shop Solutions Document Control

Global Shop Solutions has added a new feature to our, already great, Document Control™ application —the Version Management System (VMS). Document Control is the documentation manager for our One-System ERP™ system and allows users to attach a variety of files to transactions within Global Shop Solutions. Document Control also provides access to files and documents attached to a job or process without the hassle of hunting them down or the clutter of paperwork.

The new VMS is an application that adds document revision management capabilities to the existing Document Control application. Users can check out documents from VMS to view or modify, while keeping the original file stored in the database. This prevents multiple users from modifying the same document at the same time. VMS can also store multiple revisions of a document by document-type. Security can be set for users and groups to determine who has permission to check out documents based on link type and file extension. Customizable settings are available for documents based on link type and file extensions and users can automate VMS functions via the GAB software development kit (SDK).

To learn more about Document Control or other Global Shop Solutions applications, click here.

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