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Global Shop Solutions Featured in Quality Magazine

Global Shop Solutions is proud to be featured in this month’s issue of Quality Magazine covering “Three Manufacturing Trends that Meet the Need for Speed” written by Mike Melzer, VP of Operations.

As technology gets more advanced, the business world gets faster and the manufacturing sector isn’t excluded. Customers everywhere are demanding high-quality product at a fair price, but now they want it faster. In the article, Melzer outlines three trends that are taking the manufacturing industry by storm to meet the need for speed.

We highlight the trends below. To read the full article, click here.

1. Automation

Automation is the future of manufacturing and should be approached from a strategic perspective. Start by picking one problem that slows down your production process, define it, analyze how automation can solve it, and then identify the benefits and ROI.

2. Increasing use of KPIs and Dashboards

When it comes to analyzing high level data, there are few tools that match the speed and flexibility of key performance indicators (KPIs) and dashboards. You can use these powerful visual tools to bring data together to identify trends, analyze business health, and forecast customer needs.

3. Going Mobile

Mobile technology on the shop floor allows supervisors to come out from behind their desks and see what’s happening across the shop floor. Mobile technology like barcode scanners, tablets, and other hand-held devices allows shop floor personnel to perform critical tasks from wherever they are in the plant.

After you read the article, we know you’ll want to see where you stand on the manufacturing health spectrum. Take the Manufacturing Health Test to see where you fall with these trends and other important areas of manufacturing.

Mike Melzer serves as VP of Operations for Global Shop Solutions and has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing. As a graduate The Colorado School of Mines, Melzer is an unparalleled leader, coaching the industry’s top talent to ensure the continued success of our customers.

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