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Global Shop Solutions ERP Software SDK Allows You to Customize And Accessorize

Global Shop Solutions SDK

When you need something outside of standard Global Shop Solutions applications, fill the need with the Global Application Builder (GAB). GAB is a full-featured software development tool that allows virtually limitless customization. With Global Shop Solutions’ GAB, you can:

  • Customize existing screens, including user-specific behavior.
  • Augment existing screens with supplemental data and functionality.
  • Integrate the flow of data into or out of Global Shop Solutions with the package of your choice.
  • Schedule processes and reports to run at regular intervals.
  • Create custom applications.
  • Automate a string of tasks or implement workflows.

GAB’s innovative use of business data objects removes the risk normally associated with extending your ERP system. Since the reading and manipulation of the data is done via business data objects, you are insulated from changes to the underlying data structures. As a result, your GAB programs will not break. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you will never be orphaned on a prior version of Global Shop Solutions.

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