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Global Shop Solutions Customer Advocates for Women in Manufacturing

As women continue to fill the labor gap and fight for equal pay, Aneesa Muthana, President of our customer Pioneer Service Inc., leads the charge in the male-dominated industry of manufacturing, landing her on the front page of Crain’s Chicago Business.

Muthana and her team are on the road working with local colleges, associations, and elected officials, showcasing careers that most young people have never heard about – manufacturing jobs. Muthana is working to eradicate the pay and labor gaps that exist in the industry while giving women opportunities to work in this dynamic industry.

“As more women enter the industry, pay and labor gaps will soon be history. The need for working partnerships between men and women will only strengthen the industry.”

–  Aneesa Muthana, President, Pioneer Service

Pioneer Service continues to expand outreach programs to young girls with the potential to not only become difference-makers but decision-makers in manufacturing.

Read Crain’s article or check out Pioneer Service’s blog article about Muthana’s work.

Congratulations to Muthana and the entire Pioneer Service team; we’re proud to work with people like Muthana who are making a difference in our industry.

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