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Global Shop Solutions and Idaho Correctional Industries

As much as we love to talk about Global Shop Solutions, we love it even more when our customers do it for us.

The following is a letter from Martin Thomas of Idaho Correctional Industries about his and his company’s relationship with Global Shop Solutions since becoming a customer in 2008.

“Our mission at Idaho Correctional Industries (ICI) is to teach work and life skills to offenders to prepare them for a successful transition into becoming productive members of society.

To perform our mission, ICI must ensure that we are training offenders using up-to-date software, relevant business systems and current business practices. Before our partnership with Global Shop, ICI was successful in training offenders in the trades we teach but was lacking the technological side of training that is so important in today’s job market.

Prior to our implementation of one system (Global Shop) it was very hard to measure any one area of our organization. We had a myriad of different databases that tracked different information for each department. It was like having five racecars (departments) running on one track with five dashboards. Now with one integrated system I have one dashboard that shows all of the information for all of the departments in our organization in real time so I can make better business decisions.

We have been using Global Shop for three years and each year ICI staff and managers are basing decisions on the real time information for sales, operations, manufacturing, purchasing, shipping, and accounting information and reports that Global Shop provides. Having one system that can give a complete, accurate overview of the company in real time not only saves Idaho Correctional Industries time, but it saves us money too.

Our motto is “Building Partnerships, Building Lives” and we think that our partnership with Global Shop is an extremely important part of our success. Every day, Global Shop helps us build lives in our training program. Global Shop keeps us on the right track and helps us build the lives of offenders.

If your company is not using an ERP system, I highly recommend Global Shop for your organization. I am amazed at how far ICI has come thanks to Global Shop.”

-Martin Thomas, General Manager

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