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Global Makeover for Global Shop Solutions ERP

Global Shop Solutions Updated

You may have noticed some changes with Global Shop Solutions in the recent months. Good.

These changes are small parts of a much bigger makeover for Global Shop Solutions. Not to worry, aside from the regular updates and new features, our One-System ERP™ Solutions isn’t changing. We are undergoing a transformation that’s strictly superficial and operational; including new hires, a new website, and an even more customer-centric culture. Think of it as going from a well-fitting suit to a hand-tailored tuxedo.

Since the start of 2013, Global Shop Solutions has added 32 new employees to its ranks, with more than 70% going to Service and Consulting and 25% going to R&D. That’s 30 new employees dedicated to customer service and improving our One-System ERP Solutions for our current and future customers!

 “Like the new stuff AND totally noticed the increased response time from the ServiceWeb.”
– John McKeon, Metalcrafters, Inc.

At the end of the summer, Global Shop Solutions will also be unveiling a new, sleeker, and more user-friendly website. The new site will feature even more detailed information about Global Shop Solutions, new product information, more success stories and, a customer portal providing access to the ServiceWeb, Friday Features, and training/consulting materials. The improved is also projected to be much easier to navigate, provide more prominent avenues for visitors to connect with Global Shop Solutions, and include new downloadable whitepapers.

As always, Global Shop Solutions continues to update and improve our One-System ERP Solutions software to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Our upcoming update, 2013.1 features an improved Business Intelligence application, a new messaging system, as well as tons of GAB features and reporting options.

If these changes aren’t enough to get you excited, don’t worry; they are just the tip of the iceberg. To keep up with ALL of the changes going on with Global Shop Solutions, be sure to follow and like us on your favorite social media sites!


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