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Gearench Keeps ‘Em Drilling with Global Shop Solutions

Founded in 1927, Gearench manufactures and distributes high-quality tools for the oil industry, including wrenches, vises, tongs, gears and more. Since then the company, based in Clifton, Texas, has developed more than 40 product lines for use in various areas of the oil industry including exploration, drilling, production, refining and completion.

Gearench has been a Global Shop Solutions customer for seven years. Previously, the company had been using a less robust ERP software, and as a result the system could not keep up with Gearench’s ever-growing business.

“Reporting was a huge problem,” recalls David Burden, general manager of Gearench. “Everything had to be custom written by programmers, which required additional time and expense.”

“With Global Shop Solutions, we simply go into the Supply and Demand screen and drill down to as much information as we want. Our previous system had no such capabilities.”

-David Burden, general manager of Gearench

Gearench utilizes Global Shop Solutions’ Document Control software throughout the company. This software allows any document to be stored in digital format and attached to the related project, transaction or order. On the shop floor, production workers use Document Control to look at drawings that contain specific parts information.

Gearench sales teams use Global Shop Solutions to help prospects and win more business.

“When customers have questions about the size or dimensions of a certain product, our sales reps can access the information without having to exit the system,” notes Burden. “Everything is right there in Global Shop Solutions in an easy-to-read PDF format.”

To learn more about Gearench, download their case study or any of our other case studies here.

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