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Furniture Manufacturer Achieves Peak Efficiency by Consolidating Processes with ERP Software

Corilam Fabricating Co., Inc. manufactures wood furniture products for education and healthcare facilities. With a growing necessity for an all-inclusive ERP system, Corilam looked at a variety of software options until they found Global Shop Solutions.

According to Brad Robins, the President of Corilam Fabricating Company, it was quickly apparent during the demo of Global Shop Solutions that it was exactly what they were looking for.

The demo of the software specifically addressed the business organizational challenges we were having, and how we could use the Global Shop Solutions system to overcome them. Since the day we implemented, it’s given us the ability to see everything that’s going on in the company.

– Brad Robins, President of Corilam Fabricating Company

Maximum Shop Floor Control

In manufacturing, there are two perspectives from which to view the market landscape – the long view of sales orders and supply chains, and the nearer view with job costing and production management. For operations such as Corilam, dealing with both seasonal influxes and just-in-time material management, the melding of long and short views are needed in order to facilitate the day-to-day functions of lean cell production techniques.

Corilam uses Shop Floor Data Collection on their shop floor for the efficient management of both direct and indirect costs. In fact, Corilam takes advantage of every aspect of Global Shop Solutions functionality to keep maximum control of their shop floor. It’s a notion appreciated by Robins and the rest of the Corilam management every day.

Peak Efficiency at All Times

Corilam is able to achieve the sort of efficiencies that contribute to increasing profitability for their products. Along with orders placed from their product catalog, Corilam also produces custom parts and assemblies through a variety of job types. The rapid flexibility of functionality is, perhaps, the greatest attribute Global Shop Solutions brings to the Corilam operation.

In terms of cost accounting, Global Shop Solutions ERP software gives Corilam a framework to review everything and to better understand their cost structure. To purchase to both inventory and to the job, and with the variety of product types they deal with every day, they use Global Shop Solutions to easily track all of their orders through a single system.

Corilam uses the ERP software in alliance with 3D design and CAD programs to design products. In addition, they’re capable of producing short-run and one-off projects, all the while working with shorter lead times and rapid turnarounds. This requires a strong scheduling and purchasing system, such as Global Shop Solutions, that can reliably gather and assess shop-wide, real-time data.

Building the Better Product

Corilam depends on Global Shop Solutions for the foundation of their production control – both on the shop floor and in the front office. Daily balancing enhances cost-effectiveness, and the complete Global Shop Solutions package is used for front office management. Order entry, payroll, and other administrative tasks are handled more efficiently using Global Shop Solutions ERP software.

According to Robins, Corilam uses “every aspect of Global Shop Solutions for the front office, with the result that our staff size has held constant while we’ve grown over the years in using the software. We’re able to do more business with the same amount of staff, and that’s been a big help and bottom line improvement for us.”

Download Corilam’s full case study to learn all the ways that ERP software made their business more efficient.

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