If you’re looking at Global Shop Solutions as a possible ERP solution for your manufacturing business, you can find answers to the basic “Who are you and what do you do?” questions on our website. But you probably also have questions that are unique to your business.

So we thought it would be a good idea to post some “drill down” questions that address specific issues regarding our ERP system. The fact that we hear these questions often tells us they are common to manufacturers researching ERP software. We hope to provide relevant information to help discern whether or not Global Shop Solutions is the best fit for your shop floor, manufacturing and business management needs.


I just need an inventory management system. Is that what you guys are?
Our integrated ERP system includes a robust inventory management application as part of the core system, but we are much more than that. Global Shop Solutions is designed to manage every aspect of a manufacturing business from quote to cash.

We’re looking to just do capacity planning and don’t need all the other stuff. Is that what your software does?
Global Shop Solutions is known for its powerful Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) application, which includes robust capacity planning features. But our software is designed for manufacturers that want to track and manage all aspects of the business from the shop floor to the back office. So you need input on material requirements, inventory availability, and work in process/completed to accurately schedule your shop floor, which is why capacity planning software should not a standalone product but instead should be fully integrated with your ERP software.

We need a standalone software to track material more closely. Is that what your product is?
Global Shop Solutions is a fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system that lets manufacturers track and manage every facet of the business. Our core system is a material resource planning (MRP) software that integrates with all other applications in the system.

We do pretty good on the shop floor, but we need better sales management. Can your production management system be used to track and analyze sales data?
Yes, and that’s because Global Shop Solutions is a business management system that handles every aspect of a manufacturing business, not just production. Our Sales application enables you to track and manage the entire sales process from customer inquiries to closing the sale.

Do you have a trial software I can sign up for?
We do not offer trial software. Global Shop Solutions is not a product you take out of the box, plug into your server, and start using. It requires a focused amount of time to configure and tailor the software for your business, train personnel, and implement. This makes trial software unrealistic from a time and cost standpoint.

What are the next steps after our first conversation with Global Shop Solutions?
First we schedule a 30-minute demo focused on why you’re looking for ERP and answer your quick questions with an overview of our software. Next, we schedule a more in-depth demo, that can include an on-site visit at your facility with some aspects of your real data like sales or work orders to gain a better understanding of your business and your goals with ERP. At your request, we can also arrange an onsite visit with one of our customers to see the software in action.

Do you handle multiple companies under one umbrella – one software?
Yes. Many of our customers manage subsidiaries, sister companies, and separate divisions all within Global Shop Solutions. Our software allows you to set up and manage different companies while keeping the data separate – all from one system.

We’re looking for a band-aid software between new systems. Can your software get us through until we complete the upgrade to the new system?
Global Shop Solutions is designed as a long-term ERP solution that can grow with your business. The investment in terms of cost, resources and training do not make it a candidate for temporary business management solutions.

What is the timeframe for when I can get this implemented?
Implementing Global Shop Solutions requires close collaboration between our team and yours. The timeframe depends on your commitment to conducting the planning and training needed to ensure a successful launch and if the Standard or Fast Track implementation is used. Some of our customers have implemented within a month, but the average time runs three to six months. Our experience with thousands of successful implementations indicates it is better to take as much time as needed to get it right the first time.

What types of ERP implementation are available?
Global Shop Solutions offers two types of implementation, Standard and Fast Track. Your ERP implementation consultants will help you figure out which type is right for your business.

Do you have a cloud ERP?
Yes! Our cloud-based ERP software delivers the same capabilities as our on-site software while offering enhanced speed and security. We handle all system maintenance and updates, making it ideal for companies with limited IT expertise and resources.

Do you have a subscription service?
Global Shop Solutions ERP software offers a subscription for our Cloud ERP and a managed service account for companies that don’t want to host or manage the software (see next FAQ).

I don’t want anyone to have to manage this on our end. Does your software work like that?
We offer a managed service account through Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon takes care of your servers and backups. The Global Shop Solutions cloud team works directly with Amazon to install updates and patches. This allows your company to offload IT service and support for a monthly fee based on the number of users.

Many of our people get paid different rates for different jobs. Some get paid by the hour; some get paid by the piece. Can your time tracking system handle that?
Our system easily handles mixed pay rates and other situations, such as one operator clocking in on three machines at the same time, to simplify payroll. Our time keeping system also integrates with HCM, ADP, Paychex and other outsourced payroll providers.

We sell products directly from our website. Can your software integrate with our online sales process?
More and more of our customers are turning to e-commerce as a distribution method. Global Shop Solutions offers an eCommerce application and can seamlessly integrate with existing websites that sell online. We can also help you design and build an eCommerce website.

If you have a question not answered here, call us at 1-800-364-5958, or fill out our contact form. We’ll be happy to hear from you!