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Evans Industries + ERP Software = Success

Evans Industries is a family-owned machine shop that provides machining services and mechanical assemblies to companies in the semiconductor and other industries.  Founded in 1965 in Topsfield, Massachusetts, Evans Industries uses their machines to create complex shapes all in one setup, making their process cheaper and more efficient than their competitors.

As Evans Industries grew and evolved, its old ERP system could no longer keep up with the rapidly changing industry.  Evans industries chose Global Shop Solutions for an easy-to-use and top-notch scheduling module, according to Daniel Golomb, the engineer & IT manager at Evans Industries. Global Shop’s array of customization options simplified company data and helped create an improved Evans Industries.

Efficient Labor Tracking

Before Global Shop, Evans Industries struggled to accurately account for employee’s attendance on the shop floor. Employees were supposed to manually clock in, which often led to mixed-up job assignments. With Global Shop Solutions’ Shop Floor Data Collection or GUI stations, employees can easily scan their unique barcoded badges and locate their correct jobs in seconds.

“Global Shop Solutions has streamlined the daily balancing process by ensuring all downtime gets allocated.” 

-Daniel Golomb, Engineer & IT manager at Evans Industries

The GUI also allows for documents to be linked to a specific job through Document Control™.  Rather than taking the time to rifle through paper documents, employees can easily access those documents directly from the GUIs.  In addition, employees no longer have to carry paper documents for their jobs.

“We’ve cut way back on the amount of paper on the shop floor”, says Golomb.  The GUI has significantly improved Evans Industries’ accountability, as well as saved the company time and money.

Unique Costing Method

Evans Industries takes a unique approach to job costing. The company prefers to build all job costs into a fixed overhead cost, so their leadership can track machine run times and determine which employees run certain machines most efficiently. Then, individual employees can be assigned to the machine they operate most efficiently to ensure accurate costing. While this method is very effective in accurately assigning labor, it also makes for more difficult costing because it requires vast amounts of data.

“This approach is all about getting the best players in the right position,” says Golomb, “and Global Shop Solutions provides the data we need to do that.”

New & Improved Company Culture

With Evans Industries running smoother than ever, Golomb has noticed a change in the company’s culture. The adaptability of Global Shop Solutions’ ERP has reduced the amount of time and money spent on tasks.

“Global Shop Solutions has forced us to get better at using technology to run our company”, says Golomb.  “The ability to track jobs with precision enables us to pinpoint the cause of problems.  So instead of management blaming employees or vice versa, we can all work together to resolve them.”

Evans Industries has streamlined their shop floor activities, creating a more harmonious company culture. Global Shop Solutions has helped shape Evans Industries into the smarter, faster company it is today.

To read more about Evans Industries’ success with ERP software, download their case study today.

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