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Eliminate Costly Document Revision Mistakes With Version Management Software

Getting a product out the door on time every time requires putting the right data into the hands of the right people at the right time – with emphasis on the right data.

Data sheets, drawings, and other technical documents are essential for making parts and products according to customer specifications. However, all it takes is one person working off the wrong version to ship an incorrect part. This inevitably results in higher material and labor costs to remake the part and correct the error. It often results in losing money on the job as well. And of course you end up with an irritated customer all because someone didn’t update a document or sent the wrong version.

This is where Version Management Software (VMS) as part of your ERP software comes riding to the rescue. For documents requiring version control, this easy-to-use application provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing shop floor personnel are working with the correct versions on every job.

The Right Data

VMS gives you total control of version access, which prevents users from working off outdated document versions. Storing the documents digitally also eliminates the inadvertent use of wrong versions due to misfiled documents or stacks of paper where current documents can get buried under older ones.

VMS maintains a full historical record of all documents and all changes made to them. It’s check-in/check-out functionality automatically records the time, date and person who makes changes to a version. You always know which version is the latest and which versions not to use.

To the Right People

One of the main causes of incorrect versions floating around the shop floor is too many cooks in the kitchen, which invariably leads to too many recipes. VMS manages both document versions and permissions through user- and group-based security. You decide who has security clearance to check out, review, or revise files. VMS automatically restricts access to that select group.

Other VMS security features include:

  • When a file gets checked out, it can’t be accessed by anyone else until it is returned. This ensures no changes can be made while the file is in use.
  • Users can access a document from VMS while keeping the original file stored in the database to prevent it from getting lost or overwritten. VMS can also store multiple revisions of a file.
  • Security control who can view, print and email documents of various types.
  • Files are stored directly in the database rather than the file system. This adds an additional layer of security for even greater protection of document integrity.

“The Document Control feature lets us electronically store and manage drawings, customer revisions, and other documents related to a job. Instead of having to manually track them down in file drawers, production workers can use the Graphical User Interface (GUI) screens on the shop floor to access the documents. It’s much quicker, and they know they’re getting the correct rev with VMS.”

– Brian Hawkins, President and CEO for Hawkeye Industries

At the Right Time

For employees with security clearance, VMS is quick and easy to use. The software requires very little additional setup. It’s simple to operate. And it can only be used for files requiring version control, so users can quickly locate the file(s) they need.

Because VMS documents are stored in digital format, they can be accessed with just a few clicks, thereby eliminating the need to hunt down paper drawings or documents.

If you’re tired of correcting rev mistakes, VMS is the software that puts you in charge of which document revs go where. Contact us today to learn more.

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