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Efficient Sales Control from Quote-to-Cash

A good sales team is always busy. Every one of your sales people will have a list of calls to make, emails to send and meetings to attend. Beyond that, there is the process of putting together quotes, closing the sale and follow up on their customers’ orders in process. In addition, management wants them to submit reports that show detailed updates on their leads, prospects and sales. It is no wonder their desk is in disarray and their calendar is always full.

Taming the Sales Process
Sales people are competitive by nature. Many of them participate in sports during their off time. It is just part of their nature. And like any good competitor, they are always looking for ways to improve their game and increase the wins on their personal scoreboard. The Global Shop Solutions Sales Software for Manufacturers has become a game changer for many sales teams in the industry. It provides the tools they need to operate more efficiently and serve their customers better.

Simplified Software for a Leaner Sales Process
The last thing a salesperson wants is one more task to add to their already full plate. Instead, they need something that will take their current sales process and simplify it, making it easier and more efficient. That is exactly what our sales software is designed to do. It takes all the pieces of their process and ties them together and automates many of the redundant tasks.

Creation of custom invoices, sales orders, bills of lading and shipping labels has been streamlined to save time and avoid any discrepancies from one step in the process to the next. All of these forms and their data are fully integrated with the production side of the operation and the accounting and management teams. There is no delay in information transfers or updates.

The Sales Software is also fully integrated with their Global Shop Solutions CRM. The salesperson can start at the customer’s information screen to access their contact information. If the customer has questions about an order, the salesperson can access that information directly from the customer’s CRM screen. They can pull up the sales order, drill down into production status details and provide answers to their customer’s questions or make changes to the order, all from that one starting point. All the information related to a customer is available from any starting point, the Sales Software screen or the CRM screen. It all resides in an integrated database; no need to sync information from one module to another.

Real-time Sales Management and Analysis
One of the other big issues with the current sales process for many manufacturers is the delay in reporting from the sales team. If the sales people haven’t kept their information up to date, your sales reports aren’t accurate. Even when they are diligent in entering and updating information, it can take time to compile reports and analyze the data. These time delays and issues with inaccurate data are resolved with the Global Shop Solutions Sales Software.

You and your sales people have real-time access to customer inquiries, customized sales analysis by product and customer and open order reporting. With Global Shop Solutions custom reporting capabilities, you can create and schedule specialized reports at regular intervals beyond what is already included in the standard applications of Global Shop Solutions ERP software.

The use of Key Performance Indicators as a management tool is another way today’s manufacturers are keeping their sales on track. With Global Shop Solutions Key Performance Indicators, you have real-time access to accurate KPI reports whenever you need them.

Improved Customer Satisfaction
The big win manufacturers receive through our Sales Software for Manufacturers is in the area of improved customer satisfaction. The fact that customers can call and get answers to their questions immediately, even through administrative staff, puts you a step above the competition. Happy customers become repeat customers. Improving your customer satisfaction ratings always translates into a stronger bottom line. Global Shop Solutions Sales Software can provide that for you. Contact a representative for more information on how our software can help your company grow.

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