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Do You Wonder Where Your ERP Maintenance Dollars Go?

Choosing an ERP software for your manufacturing business is not a decision that should be made lightly. We understand the commitment, effort, and money that is involved when implementing and using an ERP system to its full potential. So if you’ve ever wondered where your yearly maintenance dollars go, which is required from EVERY ERP software, you’re not alone. Many people don’t know where their maintenance dollars go, so we want to make it clear for you and your checkbook.

The following three points are specific to Global Shop Solutions, and they play a big part in why we’re different from the other guys.

  1. Your money goes back into one product – the very same product you purchased. Unlike other ERP software options, Global Shop Solutions offers one fully-integrated ERP software. So for each dollar you pay in maintenance, it goes directly back into improving, updating, adding to, cultivating, and innovating just one product with its 30+ modules. The same cannot be said of any other ERP software out there.
  2. Employee training. Do you want the best ERP product? This requires a well-trained staff creating and innovating your ERP product. In order to maintain an impeccable workforce dedicated to simplifying your manufacturing, continual education about your industry, our industry, and the latest coding, service and consulting innovations are what make the best product. The more we can train our employees, hire experts, and retain them (keep reading for more on our retention efforts), the better the ERP system you have running on your shop floor will be.
  3. Employee retention. We are proud to say that we have one of the lowest turnover rates in our industry. We have many employees that are still with us since we were known as Infsy back in the late 70s. You rarely see that in today’s day and age, and that’s because we treat our employees like family, and family takes care of each other. We are here to help them grow their skills, which in return, grows your manufacturing.

Why does this matter? Because your maintenance dollars do not go towards…

  1. Products you aren’t using. It’s true that our software comes with a 30+ modules to simplify your manufacturing, but we’ve found that the majority of our customers use almost every module within the system. Unlike the other guys who tack on social enterprise software, point of purchase software, retail management software, etc. to their manufacturing products, we don’t use your maintenance dollars to pay for something that you aren’t using.
  2. Debt. Global Shop Solutions is the only fully-private and family-owned company with zero debt in the ERP software industry. Our new building that you visit for ERP software training, along with all of the renovations we’ve completed on our other two buildings, were paid for in cash. It’s a beautiful thing being debt free. It allows us to focus your maintenance money only on the product that you use and not to banks, lenders, or debt collectors.
  3. Private equity dividends. Because we’re a privatively-owned company, that means we have no outside investors. With no investors, we never have to cut dividend checks at the end of each month or quarter in order to keep our doors open and our lights on. The less money we spend paying others, the more we have in return to make sure you get the highest quality product all the time.

With Global Shop Solutions, you’ll never have to worry about us spending your money on other products, paying off debt, or private equity dividends. Compare us to the other guys or contact us to start you on the path to the right ERP product.

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