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Customizable Quality Control Software for Lean Manufacturing

Quality control management tends to be handled differently in different industries. Even within the same industry, different companies track parts, rework and scrap differently. Is it possible to create quality control software that can be used by all types of manufacturers?

As with the many other variables within the manufacturing process, Global Shop Solutions has learned that customization options are the key to delivering a product that can adapt to so many different scenarios. A customizable solution is especially critical when it comes to quality control for manufacturers.

Do It Your Way
Trying to adapt your quality control process to a one-size-fits-all software will just end in frustration. We understand that. We have designed our Quality Control software to be extremely flexible at many different levels. Quality records can be created from purchase order receipts, shop floor data collection, manual time card input or from inventory data. After all, the way a quality record is dispositioned on a purchased part is different than a manufactured part. The cost-basis for the manufactured parts is flexible too. It can be based on actual or estimated costs, whichever fits your needs best. Using Global Application Builder (GAB), specific inspection steps can be built into PO receipts, specific workcenters or prior to WIP to finished goods.

Global Shop Solutions Company Messaging can be used to monitor step completion and setup to notify users when scrap occurs. The messages are also customizable. They can be based on product line, part number or other criteria. You can create customized quality records to meet internal and external QC requirements with electronic sign off through the Company Messaging system.

Controlling Changes to Engineered Parts
When your customer requires documented revision levels, you need a way to process the change requests while notifying everyone internally that a revision change has been received. With Global Shop Solutions Quality Control, authorization lists are created based upon the type of change. These lists contain the internal steps required to process the change. Each step is documented and signed off on after it is completed. Efficiency is added through functionalities in the system such as copying the bill and router to new bills and routers.

Changes to parts can create loopholes in which errors can happen if proper safeguards are not put in place. With Global Shop Solutions Quality Control, each engineering change notice (ECN) record can be setup to allow or disallow use of the part numbers until final sign off. Setting the options per ECN helps prevent certain issues, such as entering an inactive revision level on an order, sending inactive
parts and work orders having labor applied. If a part with a revision will continue to be sold, purchased or manufactured, that part number becomes active. If the old revision will no longer be sold, purchased or manufactured, it will remain inactive.

Efficient Management of Rework, Rejects and Scrap
Rework, rejects and scrap are other areas of quality control that are filled with opportunities for loss.

“For many companies, knowing the internal cost of quality is difficult to ascertain,” according to Rhonda Gieza, Senior Consultant at Global Shop Solutions. “Quite often, they don’t know they have a problem with a specific process, employee or part number until the cost of the part has sky rocketed as a result of all the rework.”

Global Shop Solutions creation of rework work orders provides visibility via the original work order, and the new work order, regarding the quality record. The cost is pulled from the original work order, so the rework w
ork order contains the dollars as of that date to make the parts. Rework steps can be added to the rework work order so the parts can continue to be worked on. Quality Control also adds efficiency through the centralization of the processing, regardless of whether the creation was from a PO receipt, the shop floor or inventory.

There are beneficial reports available in Quality Control for analysis. Reports are available that show scrap by vendor, workcenter, Op Code, employee, department, and scrap reason. The reports have the ability to print a bar graph or pie chart so comparisons can be made. These reports are also available by quantity or cost.

Report showing details of Quality Control

Our Quality Control software is designed with lean manufacturing in mind. Efficiencies are added at every level, while maintaining the maximum in both visibility and customization.







Rhonda Gieza is a Consulting Team Lead and ERP instructor and for Global Shop Solutions, with a focus on the accounting and manufacturing portions of Global Shop Solutions ERP software. For more than 16 years, Rhonda has helped our customers become more efficient and simplify their business.


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