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Control is Key in Guatemala City

Founded in 1974, Alambres Decorativos is a make-to-order manufacturer of custom displays and shelving, including freestanding display racks for snack item retailers, and wire panels and shelving for large commercial refrigerators, freezers and display cases. Headquartered in Guatemala City, the family owned company distributes its products throughout Central America and the southern part of Mexico.

Prior to implementing Global Shop Solutions, Alambres Decorativos had very few process and system controls, making it difficult to manage purchasing, inventory, and other key areas of business. In 2009, the company went live with Global Shop Solutions and hasn’t looked back since. Alambres Decorativos now has a disciplined, tightly organized production process with strong inventory and operational controls. “With Global Shop Solutions, our purchasing process has become much more efficient. We now buy most of our materials directly to the job or the work order. This has allowed us to significantly reduce our inventory stock levels, and has had a positive impact on cash flow,” says IT Director Sigfrido Estuardo Rodas Paz.

Besides reducing inventory levels, Global Shop Solutions has also helped increase Alambres Decorativos’ on-time delivery rate to nearly 99% on a consistent basis. Rodas credits the Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) module for this success. “With the APS module we can now identify bottlenecks when they occur rather than after the fact. This allows us to step in and take the corrective action needed to get the product out on time,” he says. To learn more about Alambres Decorativos, download their case study or any of our other 150 case studies here.

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