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CODESOFT Does it Better

Nobody likes to get constant error messages on their main server, especially when the errors disrupt critical business processes. But for Ken House, Global Shop Solutions Administrator for PIN, the daily annoyance led to a software change that not only solved the problem but improved workflow.

A custom manufacturer of fixtures and retail display systems, PIN had been using a different brand name software barcoding and labeling program to create and print labels for internal and external uses. Unfortunately, the program kept throwing error messages on the company’s Windows server. So much so that House had to remotely desktop into the server all day long to correct the messages and keep the program functioning.

As House contemplated the time and expense of upgrading his labeling software, he learned that Global Shop Solutions was transitioning to Codesoft for the system’s label printing features. House decided to move to CODESOFT instead, and after an hour of virtual training on the program, he was good to go.

“We print custom labels for inventory purposes and to meet the requirements of customers,” says House. “CODESOFT is easier to use than our old program. I can quickly modify or change the labels as needed. And they print right out of the Global Shop System. Best of all, I’m no longer wasting time fixing error messages all day long.”

Reducing Paper on the Shop Floor

CODESOFT enables companies to easily integrate label printing and RFID technology into their business processes for increased efficiency and control. It offers many convenient features, including:

  • Easy installation
  • Simple label design process
  • Fast replication of existing label designs
  • Label preview ensures accuracy of data entry/design changes before printing
  • Quick database queries for location of individual records

CODESOFT supports a variety of industry-specific labeling regulations, such as GHS, UDI, PTI and more. It also provides graphic support for more than 45 formats, including BMP, EPS, GIF, IMG, JPEG, MAC, PCX, TIFF and WPG.

Many Global Shop Solutions customers are currently using the software to reduce paper on the shop floor, and have found that it works well with GS Mobile for receiving inventory, doing bin-to-bin transfers and tracking finished goods.

An added feature of Global Shop Solution includes several transactions that will support CODESOFT-generated labels. Click here to learn more.

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